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Me, it’s me.

In my head everything is new.

Just like a clock, how every second is new. Brand new.

In my head, anything can happen.

It is a magic bottle.

I was captured by a brown big monster.


In a small box.

Then, there comes a key.

A golden key jUmPiNg.

                   Up                           Up

Down                     Down                     Down

That little key is a way to my imaginaion to flow free.


That is all happening in my little head.

Not bigger than my dad’s.

Not bigger than my mom’s.

Not bigger than my sister’s.

In my little small head.

But there is a big imagination.

I draw golden ways to let it out.

My imagination is a magnificent glorious way to my self, a medicene to let me free from this sickness of…

Everything same and boring. CASUAL.

I am different, and that is why I think different.

And that is me no mather what.


Did anyone touch my cansas?

After James seen it, I put it on my desk, and I forgot to pick it up.



Tell me if yu know something.

Better chck my bag again!


Poem Challange #14


I want to get a prize.

But not any kind of prize.

Not gold,

Or silver,

Or a computer.

I just want the prize to spend time with my family.

Poem a Day Challenge #13


Think that you can not run.

Think that you can not talk.

Think that you can not listen.

Think that you can not love.

Think that you can not hug.

Think that you can not see.

Think that you can not feel.

Think that you can not walk.

Think that you can not laugh.

Think that you can not smile.

Think that you can not grin.

Think that you can not cry.

Think that you can not jog.

Think that you can not write.

Like how I am right now.

Think that you can not do anything at all.

You are blessed.

When you think you can do nothing, think of the things you can do.

When other people can’t.

At least for them, do those things, when you can.

You don’t know what will happen.

Or if you would be missing the things you could have done,

when you now can’t do.

Poem Challange #12


There he moves a larve under the dirt.

There he wonders how he will look like when he grows.

There he stays under the dirt.

There he stays under the dirt that is getting watered.

There he wonders all day long, while growing.

He is a wondering larve.

Poem Challange #11


Riding a taxi alone, is lonely.

Riding a taxi together, is not lonely.

Don’t step on your way to dream alone.

Though it’s good to go by yourself,

Go together with someone.

Get help,

It will help you.

And I am sure.

Poem Challange #10

A girl

I see a blonde girl running.

She is roughly breathing,

running around the gym.

She doesn’t stop, and keeps going on.

She runs faster and faster.

I see her blonde hair move as she runs.

She is a blonde girl running.

And she will keep on running.